What It’s like to be a Hoya by Jessalyn Reinhart


Photo courtesy of the Harrison Varsity Football Booster Club

Harrison High School is a school, community, and home of many friendships. Whether it’s sports, clubs, academics, or music, the choices we make in high school soon become the greatest memories in our lives. We have four years in high school, at the time it seems like a lifetime, but in reality, it’s only a little chunk of our lives. That’s why every student needs to make the most of their four years at Harrison High School. And throughout those four years, you realize what it’s truly like to be a Harrison Hoya.

Freshman year: the toughest year of all socially. Getting used to the ways and the feel of high school is difficult, but this year the class of 26’ has brought so much positive energy. Freshman Milan Sommerville said, “Going to school games has made my year memorable.” In freshman year, they say it’s always best to get involved in clubs, events, and games, they’re not wrong because every Harrison activity is always worth it. Somerville is one of many who enjoyed the football games with her friends.

Sophomore year: the year we have a break academically before getting fueled with stress. Though you might’ve struggled in chemistry, as every sophomore does, the class of 25’ has thrived this year. Sophomore Ashley Wallace said, “I can’t wait to make new friends in my other classes.” Though this is the year you’re still getting used to high school, friends are what makes everything worth it.

Junior year: the hardest year of all academically. Keeping up with four classes a semester and starting to think about college is pressuring, but the class of 24’ are ready for the next challenge. Junior Aleea White said, “The hardest thing about this school year is trying to find the balance between personal life and educational life.” This may be the year that you’ll realize that work and school are the most important things on your schedule. Something that helps you keep up with your school and balance, is the teachers at Harrison. Junior Lily Grubb said, “Something I have learned as a junior is that there are so many people who can help you with things. Whether it’s school or social or emotional, there are so many people who are willing to help you.” Always reach out for help, everyone at Harrison is willing to.

Senior year: the last year of high school ever. The year that’s most memorable to us Hoyas. Saying goodbye to a whole grade is never something anyone wants to accept but no one left their mark at Harrison as the class of ‘23 did. Senior CJ Delfausse said, “My favorite thing about [being a senior] this school year is being at the top of the food chain.” In other words, it’s always nice to be at the top of all the grades. Every senior has worked hard to get where they are, and CJ is one of many that sees the appreciation.

We Hoyas are a loving community filled with devoted and sophisticated students. This year is our year. Once a Hoya, always a Hoya.